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Polska Grupa Miłośników LANtastic'a Powrót na początek Polska Grupa Miłośników LANtastic'a

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   The author of this book, Mr. Dariusz Fabicki and countless dedicated network professionals like him represent the number one reason why Artisoft's LANtastic network operating system continues to be the networking solution of choice for over 5 million users world wide. In Poland, where LANtastic is used by businesses, schools and government offices, Mr. Fabicki is regarded as a genuine networking "guru."

   To share his extensive knowledge with other LANtastic users, Mr. Fabicki helped to establish and lead the Polish LANtastic Users Group, established in 1997 with cooperation from Artisoft and its Polish distribution partners. Mr. Fabicki's efforts as the leader and founder of the Users Group and as an outspoken advocate for LANtastic have brought a lot of satisfied customers to Artisoft. We thank him for those efforts and praise him for the hard work he has undertaken, culminating in the publication of this unique guidebook--a true LANtastic encyclopedia.

   On behalf of Artisoft, I hope that you will continue to rely on LANtastic as your network operating system of choice. With the dedication, hard work and expertise of so many people like Mr. Fabicki in the LANtastic user community, we are confident that your decision is a wise one that will reward you for many years to come.

   Best regards

Scott S. Moule
Vice President and General Manager
Artisoft Communications Software Group

Abelino Ochoa
Director of Worldwide Sales
Artisoft Communications Software Group

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